The homeowners of Texas must deal with a variety of insect problems from termites to mosquitoes to bed bugs. A bed bug infestation can become a significant problem in your home if the infestation is allowed to spread from room to room.

If you discover you have a bedbug infestation, what do you do? The first thing is to call a pest control service like BugHead Pest Control. The complete elimination of bed bugs in your home is most easily accomplished by a professional who has dealt with bed bug infestations before.

Bug experts usually recommend a professional visit for the most effective bed bug removal. Even if you’re able to remove most of the bed bugs from one bed or room in your home on your own, there’s a very good chance you’ll see a resurgence of bed bugs in another area of your house, or you’ll see the infestation return to a bed you already tried to clean.

Before the Professional Arrives

You may wish to do some work to reduce the number of bed bugs in your home before your professional insect removal crew arrives. Although you won’t have the same tools as a professional, you can actually kill them outright since they’re easily crushable. They’re not like fleas that are almost impossible to squish without a lot of precision and effort. However, this method can stain surfaces where you crush the bugs.

A better alternative is vacuuming your mattress and box spring to reduce bedbug numbers, at least for a little while. However, it’s important to realize that the bedbugs you suck up into the vacuum might not die, and you can end up with a bed bug infestation inside your vacuum that can spread to the rest of your house when you use the vacuum again.

Your best bet is to use a vacuum with a disposable bag instead of a filter. You can simply throw out the bag when you’re done vacuuming the infested area. Remember to seal the bag inside a trash bag before tossing it. You might consider putting the trash out early if there’s a plastic bag full of bedbugs inside the bin.

Try this: Talcum powder can help kill the bed bugs that end up in your vacuum. Although it’s not a surefire way to kill them, it’s a decent option for getting rid of the bugs temporarily before your professional arrives.

Clean Everything Before and After Your Bed Bug Control Appointment

Bed bugs – and other bugs, too – can thrive inside areas of your home that are dirty and cluttered. You may want to spring into action with some spring cleaning (even if it’s the middle of summer). Eliminating clutter, dirt, and debris before your bug removal professional arrives can make his work more effective.

Remember: You can help ensure the success and total removal of bed bugs from your home by keeping the house clean before and after the bed bug treatment appointment.

Here are a few other things to remember before your appointment:

  1. Remove items from under the beds (and keep the areas clean afterward, too).
  2. Launder everything you can, and keep a good schedule of laundering in the future.
  3. Encase your mattress and box springs with protective covers after pest control.

Although it may be uncomfortable, resist the urge to move your bed or sleep in a different area before your pest control professional arrives. Throwing away infested bedclothes and sleeping elsewhere in your home can spread the bed bug problem all over your house since the bugs will travel with you wherever you decide to sleep.

Get Help with Bed Bugs from BugHead Pest Control

Don’t let the bed bugs infesting your home make your life miserable. Contact the pest control experts at BugHead Pest Control for help eliminating bed bugs from your home and reclaiming your house from pests.