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Richardson Pest Control Services

Bugs provide an important service to our planet, and so do the small rodents and animals that often get in the way of progress and human civilization. Unfortunately, insects and animals sometimes prove to be dangerous neighbors for humans, especially from problems like rabies in wild animals and zika virus in mosquitoes.

BugHead Pest Control offers experience and excellence in bug control and animal removal in Richardson and its surrounding communities.

Pest Control Services We Provide in Richardson

Residential pest control. Even the cleanest home may experience a bug infestation, and keeping your family safe means making sure your home is kept pest free. That may mean a regular inspection from our crew or it might mean cleanup or removal of a significant pest problem.

Mosquito control. Don’t fall victim to mosquitoes carrying deadly diseases like zika virus or dengue fever. Let us make sure all the known and unknown areas around your home that might harbor mosquitoes are free and clear of these dangerous insects.

Termite control. You might assume your brand new home doesn’t have termites or that your midcentury house is just fine, but termites could be lurking in the walls of your home. Don’t let them feast on your home and possessions. Let us provide expert termite control and removal.

Bee removal. Bees are a precious resource and deserve our respect, but they can also prove to be a dangerous part of your yard. Allow us to deal with your bee colonies or infestations, and we’ll help ensure the colony won’t return to wreak havoc on your yard.

Richardson Bed Bug Treatment & Extermination

Bed bugs aren’t just a problem for hotels in big cities and tenements in the “bad” section of town. Bed bugs impact homes and businesses everywhere. We’ll conquer your bed bug infestation and get your home back to normal.

Wildlife/Animal Control

Ensure the safety of your family by calling an animal control professional from BugHead Pest Control. That raccoon might look innocent, but he might carry disease or become aggressive.

Many people enjoy viewing wildlife from the comfort of a walkway at a zoo or on the television. Unfortunately, a variety of areas around Richardson have seen encroachment from wildlife, and we can control your wildlife whether it’s birds, skunks, or squirrels.

Helping the Residents of Richardson with Pest Control Service

Not only do we assist families in Richardson, but we also provide service for families in Addison, Murphy, Sachse, Garland, and Plano. We’re familiar with all types of bug infestations, and there is no insect problem or animal control issue that is too large for us to fix.

We’re a family-owned business, and we take pride in helping the families of Richardson and the surrounding areas insect and animal control. Operating under the principles of honesty, respect, and passion, you’ll receive expert care from BugHead Pest Control whether you have a small bee problem, a massive bed bug infestation, or some pesky raccoons that need removal and relocation.

Get in touch today to see how you can benefit from our experience in bug and insect removal.