From regular service to inspections to one-time treatments, protect your family and home with our Residential Pest Control Program

BugHead’s “Quarterly Home Pest Program” focuses on total peace of mind for these simple reasons:

Thorough Inspections = Pest Control
Proactive inspections are the best way to manage and eliminate pest problems.  Our thorough “Inspection for Perfection” program will pinpoint problem areas of your home and property allowing us to proactively treat the area and protect your home.  We will also identify and outline structural concerns and environmental conditions that may lead to potential pest problems.

Strategic Service = Initial Service
After our initial inspection a certified BUGHEAD Pest Control Service Specialist will take the information learned and develop an individualized and focused strategy to proactively protect your home and property from pests.  Once completed you will receive a detailed analysis of your property and the treatment performed.

Proactive Pest Prevention = Quarterly Inspections
As with any proactive program quarterly inspections and preventative treatments are necessary to keep your home pest-free.   Due to seasonal changes BUGHEAD will proactively treat for seasonal pests allowing you to live without the invasion most homeowners experience when a proactive program is not put into action.

BUGHEAD can handle all your pest control problems including bed bugs, flies, ants, mosquitoes, bees and wasps, birds, gophers, roaches, rodents, wild animals, termites, stored pests, crickets, spiders, whatever pest is attacking your home.

BUGHEAD is the Richardson, Plano area Pest Management Company and our goal is to create a pest-free environment for you and your family.

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