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Animals provide companionship as pets, but some animals are dangerous when they’re untamed and possible carriers of rabies. Likewise, insects are an important part of our planet’s ecosystems, but they can become a problem when they infest our yards or damage our homes.

BugHead Pest Control is your experienced and knowledgeable source for pest control and animal control in Plano, as well as its surrounding communities.

Plano Pest Control and Animal Control Services We Offer

No matter if you’re facing a serious bed bug infestation or you have a few pesky squirrels getting into your attic, BugHead Pest Control can help with removal, eradication, and inspections. Here are the services we offer Plano families and homeowners.

Residential Pest Control Services in Plano

Bug problems can impact your home whether it’s brand new or historic. If you suspect you have an infestation, contact BugHead Pest Control for an inspection of your home and property.

Mosquito control. With the arrival of zika virus in the United States, there are few things scarier than a mosquito bite. Let us inspect your property for potential mosquito habitats and ensure your family’s safety by removing this threat.

Termite control. An insidious and pervasive problem all over the country, termites require quick action and removal, or they can create significant harm to your home. Even if you don’t think you have a termite problem, an inspection is a worthwhile investment.

Bed bug control. You might associate bed bugs with 19th-century apartment buildings in New York City, but it’s a problem that can impact even the cleanest, modern establishment. Let us take care of your painful and annoying bedbug infestation.

Bee removal. Although bees are a beneficial part of the natural world, they can become dangerous when a colony forms in your backyard. Even if you don’t have an allergy to bee stings, it’s best to consider bee removal for the total safety of your family.

Plano Animal & Wildlife Control

If you have a problem with a small animal living under your home or somewhere on your property, let us remove it in a humane and efficient manner to keep your family and pets safe from potential disease or harm.

Don’t let Texas wildlife encroach on your home and bring dangers like rabies or inconveniences like fleas to your household. Let BugHead Pest Control keep wildlife where it belongs: somewhere other than your yard.

Animal Control and Pest Control in the Plano Area

Not only do we offer pest control services in Plano, but we also help families in nearby neighborhoods and towns, including Allen, Parker, Murphy, and Richardson. Are bees invading the backyard of your Richardson home? Are you dealing with an infestation of mosquitoes around your house in Murphy? Have you recently discovered bed bugs in your Allen home?

Count on BugHead Pest Control for the control and removal of pests, insects, and unwanted wildlife and animals. Rely on the dedication and knowledge that comes from a Texas native who has dedicated his life to pest control and has obtained Certified Applicator status for termite treatments. Benefit from someone who cares about your home and can help you with any pest or insect problem impacting your family.