Wear Repellent. Eliminate Breeding Grounds. And all facts you need to know about Mosquito prevention.

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The NPMA suggests the following mosquito prevention tips:

• The type of Aedes mosquito that carries Zika virus is a daytime biter, so people should take steps to protect their skin from mosquito bites at all times of the day by applying an insect repellant containing at least 20% DEET, picaridin or oil of lemon-eucalyptus. Also, consider wearing long pants, long-sleeved shirts and closed-toe shoes.
• Mosquito-borne diseases that may be rare in the U.S. are common in many foreign countries, so anyone traveling outside of the country should be aware of travel advisories currently in effect. If a person falls ill upon returning home, seek prompt medical attention.
• Homeowners should eliminate areas of standing water around the property such as flowerpots, birdbaths, baby pools and grill covers. Mosquitoes need only about a half an inch of water to breed. It’s also recommended to screen all windows and doors, and patch up even the smallest tear. If there are concerns about mosquito activity, contact a licensed pest control company or the local mosquito abatement district.
Simple Yard Tips to Help Keep Mosquitoes Away
From Dr. Jonathan Day, Medical Entomologist and Professor, University of Florida
While standing water is where most mosquitoes lay their eggs, it is the adult mosquito that carries the encephalitis virus. Only in very rare cases is the St. Louis encephalitis virus passed from infected females to their eggs. This is why it is important to maintain yards to help reduce the number of adult mosquitoes, which may be carrying the virus. Here are some simple tips to help reduce the number of mosquitoes resting in your yard.
Lawn: Mosquitoes like to rest in tall grass. Keep your grass cut short.
Trees/Hedges/Bushes: Keep your tree branches, hedges and bushes trimmed from a ground level to height of 12 inches. The more shade you have – the more mosquitoes will be attracted to rest in your yard.
Tire Swing: Drill drainage holes in the bottom of tire swings to eliminate standing water that serves as an excellent mosquito breeding habitat.
Kiddie Pool: Empty it, clean it, and store it when not in use. Standing water can become stagnant and produce an optimum mosquito breeding site.
Sand Box: Make sure sand box toys are not flooded and left for long periods of time. A pail or push toy full of water is a potential breeding site for mosquitoes.
Litter: Remove litter from your yard. Mosquitoes can lay eggs virtually anywhere – including discarded wrappers, cans, and bottles.
Bird Bath: If you have a bird bath, flush it at least once a week to avoid stagnant, nutrient-rich water – a mosquito’s favorite breeding ground.
Rain Gutters: Don’t forget to clean out your rain gutters – debris can reduce flow, creating a mosquito haven.
Sun: Try to have lots of open space in your yard. Mosquitoes don’t like direct sunlight. The more sun in your yard, the better for minimizing mosquito activity.
Rain Barrel: Empty rain barrels once a week. Standing water is an ideal breeding site for mosquitoes.
Pool: Treat pools with bleach, which kills off mosquito larvae.



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