“It’s all over the news: Bed bugs have reached epidemic levels in lots of big cities around the country. And, according to research entomologist and bed bug expert Jeff White, “This bug isn’t going away any time soon.” So, we asked him, how much does it cost to get rid of bed bugs once you’ve got them? The answer can vary widely, but we estimate it around $1,200. That’s a lot of money, but the good news is that the best way to reduce that cost is free: Detect the problem early on, and it’ll be cheaper to treat.”

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Dallas-Area Bed Bug Removal

Family-owned pest control company BugHead Pest Control offers assistance with bed bug control for residents of Richardson, Plano, Garland and the areas of North Dallas. Bed bugs represent an invasive problem that requires a professional solution. Although you may be able to remove some bed bugs by washing your linens, the bugs will usually find a way to stick around even if you go so far as to replace an entire mattress.

Did you know there are an estimated 91 species of bed bugs? They’ve been around since prehistory, and they’ve been feeding on people and causing problems for centuries. Although rampant infestations declined in the early 1900s, they remain a problem for families and businesses everywhere when an infestation occurs.

Bed Bug Control Starts with a Professional

Controlling bed bugs is very difficult for the average homeowner, and the easiest and fastest way to rid your home of bed bugs is to call BugHead Pest Control. Some advice will recommend throwing a bed away to get rid of bed bugs, but this drastic solution is usually unnecessary when you call a professional pest control company to handle the problem.

Until the Professional Arrives…

If you have a pervasive bed bug problem impacting your home, you can choose to clean your linens and vacuum before the professional arrives. However, these actions will usually only reduce bed bug populations for a short time before they return.

Carrying linens throughout your home can even spread bed bug populations. After an infestation begins, it’s common to see bed bugs spread to various rooms around your home.

Did You Know? Vacuuming your mattress and other areas of your home to remove bed bugs is a good way to get rid of adults and nymphs, but a vacuum will usually leave behind eggs that will hatch and infest your home all over again.

You may wish to purchase mattress encasements that you can place around your mattresses after the professionals leave and your home is free of its bed bug infestation. Your professional bed bug removal crew will eliminate the bed bugs on your mattresses (where most of them live), but they’ll also take care of the bugs that hang out on the bed frame and areas near to the bed.

After your professional bed bug removal visit is complete, it’s important to keep a clean house by vacuuming regularly and keeping the linens clean with regular washings. You may wish to invest in protective covers for your mattresses, as well as lift your mattresses off the floor and onto frames that sit a foot or so above the floor.

Count on BugHead Pest Control for Bed Bug Removal

Finding out you have a bed bug infestation is an uncomfortable and scary occurrence, especially if you have children. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with the infestation like a family in the 1800s with no options for bed bug removal other than tossing all the mattresses and linens.

The friendly and experienced professionals of BugHead Pest Control will help you reclaim your home from bed bugs. Get in touch today to make arrangements for complete and efficient bed bug removal.

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