Animal Control

The wildlife in Dallas are fun to watch but unfortunately can quickly become a financial or health risk if they move too close to your facility or even indoors. Raccoons, opossums, skinks and squirrels have a history of damaging insulation, vents, and wiring. Because trapping wild animals involves some risk, (raccoons will try to reach through the trap to pull at your hands) it is recommended that you do not try to trap or release animals, but allows BugHead’s animal control professionals to safely trap and release wild animals.

At BugHead Pest Control, we find the problem and solve the problem. We are truly a full service company right here in the Plano, Richardson, and Garland areas of North Dallas. For your protection, our employees are fully trained and licensed in animal capture, repair techniques, and knowledgeable of OSHA safety standards.

Bird Control

Birds are beautiful to watch flying through the sky, but unfortunately where they decide to land may end up ruining your property and creating serious health risks to humans.

Birds that spend a lot of time around an area are actually committed emotionally to it. How long they have been there and how comfortable they are will determine how difficult it will be to send them elsewhere.

BugHead’s Bird Control program takes into consideration the bird pressure, property design, health risks due to droppings, cleanup, work stoppages, slip and fall risks along with property and equipment damages prior to designing an effective deterrent or seclusion program.

Once problem areas are identified, the proper bird control equipment will be installed to either target ledges where birds are loafing or net areas where birds are nesting. BugHead also has the ability to install laser equipment that will deter birds from entering large open areas.

As with any successful program, BugHead Pest Control will send a Certified Bird Specialist out to inspect your property in the Dallas area and prescribe a custom program that will consist of cleaning and installing the most effective bird control product(s).

Therefore, whether you are having problems with pigeons, starling, sparrows, crows, crackle, gulls or woodpeckers, with over 300 products to choose from BugHead’s professionals can design a Bird Control Program that will meet your needs.

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