Find out more about your family-owned and operated pest control company in Dallas, TX.

Hi my name is Eric Lundquist, owner and founder of BugHead Pest Control and born and raised in Richardson, Texas. Let me tell you a little about me.

I’m proud to say I have started a company based on honesty, respect, and the passion I have kept for this industry through the years.

BugHead Pest Control is family-owned and operated right here in Dallas, TX. Other pest & termite control companies may offer similar services, but our services are unmatched, and comes with a personal touch.

When I started my first pest control job it was the summer of 2003. I started as just an apprentice at a small company out of a small town. I didn’t know much about bugs then, besides they all looked pretty nasty and dangerous. As much as the job creeped me out, I couldn’t help but find it interesting. Before I knew it, I fell in love with the job. I got to drive around all day, play with bugs, and meet new and interesting people. I knew then that I wanted to start my own pest control company. After studying, 3 years later I earned my technicians license and termite license. It’s been 13 years now since I’ve started doing pest control in Dallas, TX. I’ve gained a lot of experience, from small ant jobs, dirty rodent jobs, scary bee removals, and even big termite treatments to hotels and apartments. I am now a Certified Applicator, which is the highest possible license you can have in the industry.

“Eric presented trust and honesty in our first meeting concerning rodents in the attic. I decided to give you a try with a roach outbreak and the associate did a very thorough job in killing the little pests. There was no problem in coming back for a retreat for good measure. A very satisfied customer.”

Marilyn Pearson
Richardson, TX

“I love their service! Austin was friendly, out-going and fast! Got rid of them bugs! Thank you”

Tiffany Terry
Richardson, TX

“Good experience. Eric took the time to really educate me on termites and what I should be concerned about. If and when we actually have a problem, we’ll definitely call Bughead back.”

Ginger Clark
Richardson, TX